Manufacturer of Brass Instruments

Care of Piston Valves

Oiling piston valves

The following procedures should be completed before and after playing the instrument:

  • Remove the upper screw cap (13) of the valve casing (14) and carefully pull the valve (12) out. Take care not to turn the valve (12) while removing.
  • Evenly distribute 2-3 drops of Miraphone piston valve oil onto the valve.
  • Re-insert the valve and screw the valve cap (13) back on.
  • Be sure to line the valve (12) up straight before inserting it into the outer casing (14).
  • Work the valves up and down rapidly to evenly distribute the oil over the surface.
  • Oil the valves again after playing. This protects the valve from oxydation and prolongs the life of the instrument.

Piston valves


Monthly cleaning of piston valves and valve casings (14)

  • Remove debris on the valves with a non-abrasive cloth (D).

  • Carefully wrap the cleaning rod (C) with the cleaning cloth (D) making sure that no metal is exposed.

  • Remove any dirt from inside the inner valve casing (14).

Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning Cloth